Please enjoy your time with Kundalini, we will do all in our power to ensure this happens. Our Therapists do not offer sex, so it is important that you understand that the basis of Tantric massage is not about sex, but more the intimate gathering of energies already in your body, and a concentration of these energies into an intimate and sexually charged atmosphere. Sex is not offered by the Therapists.

In Kundalini Tantric Massage we give different types of intimate massage that focuses on awakening the sexual and sensual energies of the body through the gathering and concentration of energies that already exist in the body. The Kundalini Tantric Massage centres in Tenerife offer a combination of body and mind experience, taking clients to intense levels of physical and mental relaxation, where the nude masseuse helps to lift them into an intimate state of expectation, leading to a peak of mental and sometimes sexual arousal. It is essential to note that Kundalini Tantric Massage does not offer sex but instead offers something more satisfying, which is the gathering of energy and concentration of these energies into an intimate and sexually charged atmosphere. The experience is designed to provide waves of mental excitement and relaxation at the hands of an experienced female masseuse, who touches every part of the client’s body, releases all tensions, and brings them slowly down to a relaxed state of wellbeing. Kundalini Tantric Massage also offers Yoni and Lingam massage, prostate massage, couples massage, and four hands massage, which are all customized to meet individual clients’ needs and desires.

No! Tantra an ancient massage technique is also an acceptance that men are not always to be the dominant partner, and with this the concentration of Tantra energies is also a learning to receive and not always to be dominant giving person.

Not always, but in a majority of massages it happens as a natural conclusion, Tantric massage is not just about masturbation. Your masseuse will concentrate your energies and move these energies gradually to the genital area, where she will apply a number to techniques to arouse you, change the tempo of the massage to delay and prevent ejaculation, until if it is natural for you, that final release of energies in the form of ejaculation.

It is recommended that you prepare for a tantric massage session by showering, wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, and avoiding heavy meals or alcohol before the session. It is also important to come with an open mind and a willingness to let go of any expectations or preconceptions about the experience. The more relaxed and open you are, the more you will be able to fully enjoy and benefit from the session.

Tantric massage is a meeting of minds and bodies, therefore some body to body contact is both permitted and accepted, although you must also realise that Tantric massage is about you being passive and us teaching you to relax. This is not possible if Clients continually attempt to caress the Therapist during the massage, it is difficult for our therapists to create the intimate atmosphere of you receiving and concentrating your energies if you change the mood of the massage. Our advice is accept and be guided by your Therapists hands and body, the tantric massage is very stimulating in these expert hands.

Tantric massage is a unique form of massage that involves a combination of deep relaxation techniques and sensual touch. Unlike traditional massage, which focuses solely on releasing physical tension and soreness, tantric massage aims to awaken your senses, enhance your sexual energy, and help you achieve a higher state of consciousness. It is a deeply intimate experience that requires trust, openness, and vulnerability between the client and the masseuse.

During a tantric massage session, you can expect to feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and deeply connected with your body and senses. The massage therapist will guide you through breathing exercises, meditation, and gentle touch to help you release tension and blockages in your body. The massage will be performed with warm oils and lotions, and will focus on your entire body, including your erogenous zones. The session will typically end with a period of deep relaxation and meditation.

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