Prostate massage


Some people believe that there is a special spot on the male anatomy that can produce intense pleasure. This spot is sometimes called the “male g-spot.” If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to experience pleasure, exploring the male g-spot may be the way to go.

Would you like to experience a truly intimate massage? At kundalini tantric massage center we can provide just that – with skilled masseuses working on your prostate, it can become an intensely pleasurable experience. They’ll use warm oils to make you completely lubricated, and then begin to massage you slowly and methodically using their hands to connect with your most sensitive spot.

There are many different techniques used in prostate massage to increase sexual arousal and pleasure, and your masseuse will always tailor the massage to your individual needs in order to take you to a shattering orgasm.

The Gentleman’s prostate massage can provide exceptional pleasure, and the masseuse is very careful to lubricate and use the right amount of pressure to make the Client happy. They never go too far, and always take care to avoid any pain.


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Prostate massage