About Us

In Kundalini Tantric Massage we give different types of intimate massage that focuses on awakening the sexual and sensual energies of the body through the gathering and concentration of energies that already exist in the body. The Kundalini Tantric Massage centres in Tenerife offer a combination of body and mind experience, taking clients to intense levels of physical and mental relaxation, where the nude masseuse helps to lift them into an intimate state of expectation, leading to a peak of mental and sometimes sexual arousal. It is essential to note that Kundalini Tantric Massage does not offer sex but instead offers something

more satisfying, which is the gathering of energy and concentration of these energies into an intimate and sexually charged atmosphere. The experience is designed to provide waves of mental excitement and relaxation at the hands of an experienced female masseuse, who touches every part of the client's body, releases all tensions, and brings them slowly down to a relaxed state of wellbeing. Kundalini Tantric Massage also offers Yoni and Lingam massage, prostate massage, couples massage, and four hands massage, which are all customized to meet individual clients' needs and desires.

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